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Louisiana High School Coaches Association (LHSCA)

  • Produced audio content within for digital online feature stories

In addition, check out my audio clips from the digital media internship with the Louisiana High School Coaches Association (LHSCA). For additional clips, click this link

Southern Miss Today Radio Show, WUSM 88.5 FM

  • Delivered on-air and wrote the news for 47 shows (1 per week) for four (4) semesters using AP style and creative storytelling

  • Gathered the local, state, regional, national, international news, including sports and weather each week compared to most news readers only doing news and weather

  • Participated in weekly meetings with the Executive Producer to document progress, growth and leadership as a news reader

  • Met with news producer weekly before each show to go over scripts before on-air time


WiseGuys Sports Show

  • Served as a host on weekly show hosted every Friday at noon discussing topics and headlines from all areas of sports and genders

  • Worked with a co-host and staff to produce the show

  • Planned, produced multiple times throughout the week in preparation for the weekly show

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